Low Voltage Heat Shrink Cable Breakout Boots

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Low Voltage Heat Shrink Breakout Boots 


LV heat shrink cable breakout boots provide excellent water sealing, mechanical abrasion protection, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation to low voltage cables.

Cable breakout boots suit 2 core, 3 core, 4 core and 5 core cable crutch sealing applications. 

These SPS breakout boots are made from cross linked polyolefin and adhesive coated, these breakouts can be used in wide variety of applications. 

Low Voltage Heat Shrink Breakout Boots

Cable breakouts are moulded heat shrinkable components used where two or more cores emerge from a single cable - cable breakouts are lined with mastic sealant. 

TIP - When heat shrinking cable breakouts ensure that the moulded cable breakout is fully pressed down into the cable crutch - a hammer shaft or similar tool will assist, heat shrink the centre first, lower skirt second, turrets last.

SPS Low Voltage Heat Shrink Breakout Boots
SPS Part Number Legs Skirt Diameter Leg Diameter
Expanded Recovered Expanded Recovered
SPS 2CB 30/12 2 30mm 12mm 14mm 4.5mm
SPS 2CB 40/16 2 40mm 16mm 15mm 5mm
SPS 2CB 60/23 2 60mm 23mm 25mm 7.5mm
SPS 3CB 38/17 3 38mm 17mm 14mm 4.5mm
SPS 3CB 60/25 3 60mm 25mm 25mm 8mm
SPS 3CB 80/38 3 80mm 38mm 35mm 11mm
SPS 3CB 110/50 3 110mm 50mm 46mm 18mm
SPS 3CB 125/57 3 125mm 57mm 55mm 20mm
SPS 4CB 40/15 4 40mm 15mm 14mm 3.5mm
SPS 4CB 65/26 4 65mm 26mm 26mm 7mm
SPS 4CB 82/37 4 82mm 37mm 30mm 9mm
SPS 4CB 100/47 4 100mm 47mm 38mm 12mm
SPS 4CB 125/52 4 125mm 52mm 52mm 15mm
SPS 5CB 80/33 5 80mm 33mm 26mm 8mm
SPS 5CB 100/42 5 100mm 42mm 34mm 10mm


Adobe LV Heat Shrink Cable Breakout Boots (SPS) 2, 3, 4 & 5 Core