Traffic Signal Pillars

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Traffic Signal Pillars

Lucy Lighting has vast experience manufacturing pre-wired distribution and control equipment.

Pictured: Traffic Signal Pillars

Lucy Zodion Traffic Signal Pillars

Lucy Lighting manufactures pillars for a wide range of applications including traffic signal and street lighting control, motorway applications, car park lighting, floodlighting, airports, private developments, railways, docks, MOD, water utilities, power stations and pharmaceutical sites.

T&D can design and arrange manufacture of pre-wired feeder pillars to client and project specification. 

  • Single or three phase control/distribution system
  • Contactor/timer control
  • Photo cell relay options
  • Door interlock safety switch
  • Distribution boards - MCB or HRC fuses
  • Cable termination options
  • Interior lighting, lock options, RCCB socket and heater kits

Feeder Pillars

Lucy Lighting Fortress Feeder Pillars including Single Door Feeder Pillars, Double Door Feeder Pillars, Mini Feeder Pillars & Slimeline Feeder Pillars.

Adobe Feeder Pillars - Pre Wired Service Pillars Design Sheet

Adobe Traffic Signal Feeder Pillars - Lucy Feeder Pillars

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Traffic Signal Pillars