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Micro Feeder Pillars

Pictured: Micro Feeder Pillars

Lucy Zodion Micro Feeder Pillars

Lucy Zodion Micro Feeder Pillar Specifications

  • Supplies Traffic Signal Controller
  • The pillars have a fully removable door
  • Tri-head key wedge lock for added security
  • Backboard from 18mm thick treated exterior grade plywood
  • Danger warning label fitted in a recess in the door
  • Earth lead connection supplied from pillar body to door
  • Two door vents
  • Optional high quality UV resistant paint, to a minimum thickness of 60 microns
  • Fixing bolts, nuts and washers are all stainless steel
  • Detachable roof
  • Backboard can be removed for wiring Tri lock key included
  • Two sizes available 

Feeder Pillars

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Micro Feeder Pillars