Earthing, Lightning Protection, Exothermic Welding - Sub-contract Installations

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Sub Contact Installations



Omega Red Group provide nationwide installations for Earthing, Lightning Protection and Exothemic Welding systems.

Lightning Protection - System Installations

  • Lightning Protection test and inspection/ site surveys (BS 6651, BS EN 62305 and BS 7430)
  • Risk assessment (BS 62305/2)
  • Maintenance (BS 6651, BS EN 62305 and BS 7430)
  • Upgrade of existing systems (BS6651 to BS EN 62305)
  • Design and installation of new lightning protection systems (BS EN 62305)

BS 6651 is the old standard for lightning protection which although obsolete is still applicable on older buildings and systems, BS EN 62305 is the new lightning protection standard.  BS7430 is the code of practice for earthing which applies to all earthing systems.

Earthing - System Installations

  • Earthing soil resistivity testing/ site surveys (BS7430)
  • Test and inspection (BS7430)
  • Earth farm design and installation HV/LV (BS7430,BS7354 and EATS 41-24)
  • Anti-static earthing/grounding points (BS7430)

Specialist Welding Solutions - Exothermic Welding

  • Exothermic welding is a simple, economical method of making permanent, very high quality electrical connections - the process uses the high temperature reaction of coppoer oxide alumnium, within a semi-permanent graphite mould, to form electrical connections mainly between copper to copper or copper to steel.

Earthing and Lightning Protection - HV Substations 11kV, 33kV

Specialist earthing services include soil resistivity, earth testing and earth electrode resistance testing.

Omega Red Group can provide Earthing & Lightning Protection contracting services for Earthing Systems - complete LV-HV substation earthing services including switching mat, remodelling of substation earth grids, copper earthing tapes and earth rod installations. 

Earthing contractors experienced in bringing down step and touch potentials and reducing EPR in fault conditions with EDF Energy, Central Networks and Scottish Power sites.

Omega Red Group is the UK market leader in electrical earthing and lightning protection, for more information about the services and expertise they can offer, visit their website:

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Earthing, Lightning Protection, Exothermic Welding - Sub-contract Installations