Earth Bosses

AN Wallis Earth Bosses

Earth Bosses

Material: Mild Steel with Stainless Steel Fittings

AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection Distributors

Earth bosses are designed to provide an earth connection point on a steel structure - the earth boss is welded onto steel vessels, tanks and other structures.

T&D offer a full range of Wallis earthing & lightning protection products.

Pictured: Wallis Earth Boss

Wallis Earth Bosses

Wallis Earth Bosses - Product Range
Part Number Dimensions Thread Size Unit Weight Pack Quantity
EPB 5050 50mm x 50mm M10 0.77kg 1
EPB 5040 50mm x 40mm M10 0.62kg 1
EPB 5030 50mm x 30mm M10 0.47kg 1
EPB 4040 40mm x 40mm M10 0.47kg 1
EPB 4030 40mm x 30mm M10 0.35kg 1


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Earth Bosses