Earth Rods - Solid Copper

Earth Rods - Solid CopperSolid Copper Earth Rods

Material: Copper to BS EN 13601

AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection Distributors


Solid copper earth rods are installed where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long service life are required - solid copper earth rods to BS EN13601.

Pictured: AN Wallis Solid Copper Earth Rods (Copper manufactured to BS EN 13601 standards)

AN Wallis Solid Copper Earth Rods

Solid copper earth rods are produced from solid copper bar and are internally threaded for jointing.

When deep driving a solid copper earth rod the usual practice is to insert the rod into a bore hole and backfill with low resistance earth compound or Bentonite.

T&D UK can offer competitive pricing on the complete range of Furse and AN Walllis Earthing & Lightning Protection systems including copper earth bars, earth rods, earth clamps and copper earth tapes.

Pictured - AN Wallis Copper Earth Rods are also available with threaded version.

AN Wallis Threaded Copper Earth Rods

AN Solid Copper Earth Rods - Product Range
Part Number Shank Length Thread Size Length 1 Unit Weight Pack Quantity
ERC 112 15mm 1200mm M10 20mm 1.88kg 5
ERC 115 16mm 1500mm M10 20mm 2.66kg 5
ERC 118 16mm 1800mm M10 20mm 3.20kg 5
ERC 124 16mm 2400mm M10 20mm 4.28kg 5
ERC 130 16mm 3000mm M10 20mm 5.36kg 5
ERC 212 20mm 1200mm M10 20mm 3.34kg 5
ERC 215 20mm 1500mm M10 20mm 4.18kg 5
ERC 218 20mm 1800mm M10 20mm 5.03kg 5
ERC 224 20mm 2400mm M10 20mm 6.71kg 5
ERC 230 20mm 3000mm M10 20mm 8.40kg 5
ERC 312 25mm 1200mm M12 25mm 5.23kg 1
ERC 315 25mm 1500mm M12 25mm 6.54kg 1
ERC 318 25mm 1800mm M12 25mm 7.86kg 1
ERC 324 25mm 2400mm M12 25mm 10.5kg 1
ERC 330 25mm 3000mm M12 25mm 13.1kg 1


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