Earth Rods - Galvanised Steel

Earth Rods- Galvanised Steel Earth Rods - Galvanised Steel 

Material: Carbon Steel Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461

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Cross profile galvanised steel earth rods are ideally suited for installation in earth termination systems of temporary structures such as antennas or distribution boards on construction sites.

Earth rods manufactured from galvanised steel have a male thread at the top and a female thread at the bottom enabling rods to be joined together and is galvanised to EN ISO 1461.

Pictured: AN Wallis Galvanised Steel Earth Rods (Mild steel manufactured to BS EN ISO 1461 standards)

AN Wallis Galvanised Steel Earth Rods

Wallis x-shaped earth rods are manufactured in steel with a minimum average zinc coating of 70µm - each earth rod has a splice plate with three connecting holes.

Earth Rods Galvanised Steel - Dimensions

AN Wallis Galvanised Steel Earth Rods - Product Range

Part Number Nominal Size Length Thread Size (BSF) Diameter Length 1 Length 2 Unit Weight Pack Quantity
ERG 112 5/8" 1200mm 3/8" 16.5 - 17mm 30mm 25mm 2.10kg 5


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Earth Rods - Galvanised Steel