Earth Bonding Leads - Copper

Earth Bonding Leads - Copper

Earth bonding leads are used to protect electrical and electronic equipment by providing an earth connection to ground (earth to zero voltage). Connecting equipment to ground with copper earth bonding leads limits static and voltage build up and provides lightning protection.

By selecting the correct earth braid and termination type earth bonding leads are optimsed to each performance criteria - earth bonding leads are available in plain copper, tin plated copper, nickel plated copper and stainless steel.

Bonding leads are used for earthing applications, flexible electrical connectors and for lightning protection - all earth bonding leads are manufactured from copper braid to standards EN1977 and EN13602.

EN4199-004 copper earth bonding leads are designed specifically for aerospace and military applications - they are ASD (formerly AECMA) approved and have undergone extensive mechanical and electrical testing.

Customised Earth Bonding Leads
Bonding leads for electrical earthing and bonding applications are available in a wide choice of copper earth braid types (flat, round, rope and layered), strand sizes, termination options (crimped, pressed, swaged), insulation and identification. By selecting the correct earth braid the bonding leads are optimised for each application with respect to temperature, flexibility, corrosion resistance, weight and electrical specification. 

EN4199-004 Earth Bonding Leads
En4199-004 bonding leads are specified for aerospace and military applications - the bonding leads are ASD (formerly AECMA) approved and have undergone extensive mechanical and electrical testing, including flex testing to 250,000 cycles, sinusoidal and random vibration cycles. EN4199-004 bonding leads are manufactured from multi layer round earth braid and are available in tin plated and nickel plated copper in a variety of cross-sectional areas, lengths and termination options.

Power Shunt Earth Bonding Leads
Power shunts are large cross-sectional area copper braided connectors, customised and designed to meet the increasing demands of power distribution applications. Power shunt leads are designed with multi-layers of flat or round copper braid to achieve sizes of up to 1000sqmm and carry currents in excess of 400 amps. Power shunts are used an as alternative to solid busbars providing very high current carrying capacities with flexible, robust, easy to install and cost effective performance.

Power Shunt Braid Current Ratings
100sqmm Shunt = 400amps
240sqmm Shunt = 650amps
300sqmm Shunt = 760amps
500sqmm Shunt = 1100amps
600sqmm Shunt = 1250amps

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Adobe Copper Earth Bonding Leads to EN4199-004

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Earth Bonding Leads - Copper