Earth Bars - Standard Copper

AN Wallis Earth Bars - StandardEarth Bars

Earth Bars 6 to 30 Way Standard

Earth Bar Material: Copper to BS EN 13601



AN Wallis earth bars are manufactured from 50mm x 6mm hard drawn copper bar with brass M10 stud assemblies. Earth bars are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Standard earth bars are shown below without disconnection links.

Special earth bars manufactured to customer requirements are also available. Earth bar recommended fixing by countersunk wood screw 1½” x No. 12 and No. 12 wall plug. Earth bars can be supplied with either single or twin disconnecting links.

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Pictured : AN Wallis Earth Bars 

AN Wallis Earth Bars - Standard

The table enables the selection of standard copper earth bars when specifying copper conductors for earthing and lightning protection systems.

AN Wallis Earth Bars - Standard Copper
Part Number Number of Terminations Earth Bar Dimensions (length x width x height)  Unit weight 
EBC006 6 400mm x 90mm x 60mm 2.00kg
EBC008 8 500mm x 90mm x 60mm 2.30kg
EBC010 10 650mm x 90mm x 60mm 3.20kg
EBC012 12 750mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.00kg
EBC014 14 850mm x 90mm x 60mm 4.90kg
EBC016 16 950mm x 90mm x 60mm 5.80kg
EBC018 18 1100mm x 90mm x 60mm  6.70kg
EBC020 20 1250mm x 90mm x 60mm 7.60kg
EBC024 24 1400mm x 90mm x 60mm 8.50kg
EBC026 26 1550mm x 90mm x 60mm 10.30kg
EBC028 28 1650mm x 90mm x 60mm  11.20kg
EBC030 30 1800mm x 90mm x 60mm 12.10kg

Video : Earth Bars AN Wallis EBC006 - 6 Way Standard Copper Earth Bar 

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