CSD RISE Duct Seals (WIMES Approved) for the Water Industry

Sealing of Cable Ducts and Routes in Compliance with WIMES Specification

CSD Duct Seals

WIMES - Water Industry Mechanical & Electrical Specification

CSD RISE Approved Duct Seals


CSD RISE duct seals ensure WIMES compliance and are in service throughout the UK water industry including Severn Trent, Thames Water, Southern Water and Scottish Water sites.  The CSD RISE duct seals are simple and fast to install providing a stable and vibration proof duct seal system against gas and water ingress up to 2.5 bar pressure.

CSD RISE Cable Seals - WIMES Duct Sealing Kits

CSD Duct Seal Benefits for Water Utilties :

  • High level of water and gas tightness with up to 4 hour fire protection
  • Suitable for trefoil cable duct sealing applications
  • CSD RISE duct seals resist methane, hydrogen sulphide and chlorine
  • CSD RISE duct seals are resistant to submersion in petrol and diesel

CSD RISE duct seals replace polyurethane expanding foam for compliance with DSEAR regulations and the requirement for gas tight seals - expanding foam should not be used for critical applications where duct sealing is required to prevent the ingress of harmful or flammable gases, liquids or smoke.

CSD RISE Duct Seals

CSD RISE Duct Seals - Thames Water, Case Study 

Thames Water completed the upgrade of their Crossness Sewerage Treatment Works specifying RISE Duct Seals throughout the plant to seal all of the cable and pipe ducts against water, sewerage and gas ingress. Thames Water chose the RISE system based on the simple installation and high level of seal integrity it provided. Furthermore the RISE duct sealing system will also ensure a high performing gas and water tight seal for a period in excess of 50 years but with the benefit of easily adding or removing cables in the future.

Following the success at Crossness STW, Thames Water installed CSD RISE system to seal all of the cable and pipe ducts at 5 more of their sites including Ashford Common, Beckton and Battersea water treatment plants. The RISE Duct Sealing System provides an effective and simple solution to all fire, gas and watertight duct sealing requirements. It consists of only 2 components, rubber insert sleeves and FIWA, a silicone based sealant, making the system quick and easy to install. The elasticity and high bonding strength of the FIWA duct sealant offers a flexible seal which resists movement, shock and vibration as well as high pressures. CSD RISE system can be used in any shaped or sized duct and in vertical or horizontal ducts without need for a frame.

The RISE Duct Seal is approved in accordance with WIMES and is now being used  by most of the Water Utility Companies and many of their contractors to seal their water and gas tight ducts. The RISE Duct Sealing System is used throughout the utility and construction industry to provide a high performing but simple solution to all fire, water and gas tight duct sealing applications.

The Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES) define the requirements for mechanical and electrical equipment used in the UK Water Industry. The specifications take the form of descriptive text coupled with data sheets.

The WIMES documents have been produced with the co-operation and approval of the following Pump Centre member companies: Anglian Water, Bristol Water, Cambridge Water, Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water), Northern Ireland Water, Northumbrian Water, Scottish Water, Severn Trent Water, South West Water, Southern Water, Thames Water, United Utilities, Veolia Water, Wessex Water, Yorkshire Water.

Video: CSD RISE Cable Duct Sealing Systems - Installation Video 

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