Cobra Conduit Duct Rod 9mm

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Cobra Conduit Duct Rod 9mm



High quality glass fibre Cobra conduit duct rods are ideal for short to long installations into cable ducts. The 9mm, 11mm and 14mm Cobra conduit duct rods come complete with a mobile frame for ease of use and the 4mm and 6mm conduit rod versions are on a free standing frame - all conduit duct rods have high tensile strength for cable and pipe laying contractors.

As underground cable moling technology advances the pulling of fibre optic cables into ducts can lead to conduit shafts of up to 2000m long. Cobra conduit duct rod for ducting cables overcome cable pulling complications saving time and man-hours.

Pictured: Cobra Conduit Duct Rod 9mm 

Cobra Conduit Duct Rod 9mm

Conduit rods are available with integral Sond devices (Minitran) which detects the location of the rod prior to connecting to draw or winch ropes - these transmitters are propelled along a conduit to locate duct blockages.

Conduit Rod - Duct Rod (Cobra) - Features :

Conduit rod is a high quality helically wound epoxy rod providing excellent adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating - the conduit duct rod construction offers excellent bending elasticity for long and short installations into cable ducts. Conduit duct rod is also suitable for installing draw and winch ropes into ducts prior to cable pulling.

Conduit Duct Rods (Cobra) 

9, 11 and 14mm conduit rods are mounted on a mobile frame for ease of site mobility. 4 and 6mm conduit rods are supplied on a free standing frame.

All conduit rods are designed and built for easy handling and are complete with guide tips. Optional conduit rod extras : conduit rod repair kits, swivel connectors and flexible guide tips.

Cobra conduit duct rods are used in pipe and cable laying operations to assist in the installation of draw ropes, cables and wich wires - conduit duct rods can also be used as part of a CCTV or pipe cleaning system.

Cobra Conduit Duct Rod 9mm  - Technical Specification
Cobra Conduit Duct Rod Part No Dia x Length Reel Weight
LCR9/60R  9mm x 60mtr 26Kgs
LCR9/80R 9mm x 60mtr 28Kgs
LCR9/100R 9mm x 100mtr 30Kgs
LCR9/120R 9mm x 120mtr 32Kgs
LCR9/150R 9mm x 150mtr 35Kgs

Duct rods provide a strong lightweight labour saving solution for installing cables into ducts or pipes with our without draw ropes - cable duct rods can be used with sondes for identifying cable duct locations and blockages in pipes. Various length cable duct rods are available for cable installations

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Adobe Cobra Conduit Rod - LCR9/150R - 9mm dia x 150m Conduit Duct Rod