Cembre Crimpstar Crimping Tool, Ratchet - Cembre HNN

Cembre HNN - Crimpstar Ratchet Crimping Tools

Ratchet Crimping Tools

Cembre Crimpstar Tool HNN3 HNN4

High Quality, Compact Ratchet Crimpers


Crimping Tools - Cembre Ratchet Type
Cembre HNN Crimpstar Ratchet Crimping Tool

Crimping Application - Nylon Insulated Terminals & Connectors
Cembre HNN3 Crimping Tool 1.5sqmm to 10sqmm conductors
Cembre HNN4 Crimping Tool 10sqmm to 16sqmm conductors 

The Cembre Crimpstar range of ratchet controlled crimping tools are compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Cembre HNN Crimpstar Ratchet Crimping Tool

T&D stock cable splices and cable lugs for high voltage crimping and termination of 11kV-33kV copper conductors in switchgear, transformers, electric motors and junction boxes.

Cembre Lugs 11kV 33kV


Adobe Crimping Tool 1.5-10sqmm, Ratchet - Cembre HNN3

Adobe Crimping Tool 10-16sqmm, Ratchet - Cembre HNN4