Cembre B135LN-C Battery Powered Crimping Tools

Cembre B135LNC - Battery Crimping Tools

Cembre Battery Crimping Tools

Cembre B135LN-C

Battery Crimper Tools - Cembre B135LN-C


Cembre B135LN-C Hydraulic Crimping Tool - Battery Crimping Tools

  • 14.4V cordless hydraulic battery crimping tool
  • Featuring a large 42mm jaw opening
  • Lightweight and balanced Cembre crimper for single hand operation 
  • Double speed crimping action
  • Cembre crimping head can rotate through 180°
  • Quiet in operation with very little vibration
  • Operating buttons mechanically interlocked to prevent accidental operation
  • Microprocessor control with automatic motor cut out on completion of the crimping operation
  • Fitted with a maximum hydraulic pressure valve

Cembre B135LN-C Battery Crimpers - Crimping Applications

  • HV & LV cable lugs and splices - 400sqmm
  • Insulated cable terminals - 240sqmm
  • C Sleeve connectors - 185sqmm

Pictured: Cembre B135LN-C Battery Powered Crimping Tools 

Cembre B135LN-C Cordless Hydraulic Battery Crimping Tools


Video : Cembre B131-C Battery Crimping Tool - 14.4 V cordless hydraulic crimping tool demonstrated :

Adobe Battery Powered Crimping Tools - Cembre B135LC

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Cembre B135LN-C Battery Powered Crimping Tools