Aluminium Busbars

Aluminium Busbars for Low & High Voltage Switchgear, Transformers & Control Panels

Aluminium busbars are available as standard stock items or bespoke products as per the following material specifications :

Aluminium Busbar 6063 (HE9)
Aluminium Busbar 6060
Aluminium Busbar 6082 (HE39)
Aluminium Busbar 6101
Aluminium Busbar 2011
Aluminium Busbar 2014 (HE15)
Aluminium Busbar 7075
Aluminium Busbar E1E
Aluminium Busbar E91E

Aluminium busbars are used in LV-HV switchgear, transformers, electrical panel boards and distribution boards.

Aluminium busbars are available in either fully tempered or annealed conditions with 25mm to 250mm outside diameters - T&D UK can also supply aluminium earthing and lightning protection systems from stock for earthing low and high voltage (LV-HV) substations.

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Aluminium Busbars