Underground Warning Tape

BoddingtonsUnderground Cable & Pipe Warning Tape


Caution Electrical Cable, Gas Pipes, Water Pipes Below

Underground warning tapes provide visual warning of underground services including gas, water and low voltage electricity services.

Caution tapes or cable marker tapes prevent against accidental cable damage during excavation.

Pictured - Underground Warning Tape

Underground Warning Tape

Underground warning tape (UWT) is a coloured polyethylene underground marker tape with a printed warning message for marking underground buried services.

Pictured: Boddingtons underground warning marker tape is an economical way of warning excavators of buried pipes and cables below ground. 

Underground Cable Warning Cable For Excavators

Underground warning tapes can be manufactured with any text, colour or size.

Underground Detection Tape is a coloured plastic detectable tape for marking and detecting buried underground pipe and cable services.

Detectable tracer tape can be used in conjunction with cable avoidance tools (CAT & GENNY).

Underground detection warning tape is manufactured using one or more stainless steel wires laid in a sinusoidal pattern and laminated between two layers of low density lead free virgin grade rot resistant polyethylene.

Underground Warning Tapes - Benefits

  • Premium and Economy grade cable and pipe warning tapes
  • Material - high quality linear low density polyethylene
  • Lead free pigments with virgin grade film
  • Soil tolerance from-pH 2.5 to pH 11.0 inclusive for underground use
  • Manufactured in accordance with ENATS 12-23 Issue 2 : 2004
  • Various thicknesses of polyethylene available

T&D UK distribute underground utility protection for cables (electric, fibre optic, street lighting, LV, HV) and pipes (gas and water) - this includes Stokbord and Tape Tile plastic cable protection covers, concrete cable covers and underground warning tapes for low and high voltage underground cables.

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