Sta-Kon Cable Lugs, Crimps, Terminals & Splices

Thomas & Betts Sta-Kon Solderless Crimp Connectors

Thomas & Betts developed the first tool-applied solderless crimp terminals and connectors to improve electrical system reliability.

Easy entry design - Sta-Kon crimp connectors make wire and cable insertion faster and easier. Chamfering eliminates wire strand "hang up" and departure upon insertion into the terminal barrel.

Brazed seam - Sta-kon connectors have a barrel with brazed seam providing increased mechanical performance (no barrel separation during the crimp process) and electrical properties.

Sta-kon crimp connectors suit various applications : rings, forks, blades, pins, bootlace ferrules, male and female disconnects and splices. Non-insulated and insulated (polycarbonate, vinyl, polyamide, Tefzel) terminals with a complete range of hydraulic and pneumatic crimping tools.

Adobe Heavy Duty Ring Terminals

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Adobe Non Insulated Ring Terminals

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Adobe Nylon Insulated Ring Terminals

Adobe Sta-Kon Cable Lugs, Cable Splices, Cable Terminals & Connectors

Adobe Tefzel Insulated Ring Terminals

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