Cembre A160-4ESI - Cable Lugs 800sqmm 4 Hole Transformers

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Cembre Transformer Cable Lugs 


Cembre A160-4ESI 4 hole transformer cable lugs are suitable for crimping stranded copper conductors, 185sqmm up to 11kV.

CembreA160-4ESI copper cable lugs are manufactured to connect to ESI standard transformer fixings (M8 and M10 studs).

Cembre cable lugs terminate stranded copper conductors to BS6360 Class 2 for crimping cables up to11kV in a protected dry environment. Cembre lugs should be installed with Cembre crimp tools and Cembre die sets - a "matched" cable crimping system, whether crimping LV or HV cables.

Crimp using Cembre Die Set ME160-520. Recommended hydraulic crimping tools: Cembre RHU520
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Pictured : Cembre Transformer Cable LugsCembre A160-4ESI Cable Lugs

Cembre cable lugs for transformer applications are rated up to 11kV for high voltage cable termination.

Adobe 800sqmm Transformer 4 Hole Cable Lugs, Copper - Cembre A160-4ESI

Adobe Cembre Hydraulic Crimp Head (630sqmm) - ECW-H3D

Adobe Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm) - HT131-C

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Cembre A160-4ESI - Cable Lugs 800sqmm 4 Hole Transformers