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Cembre C Tap Copper Crimp Connectors


Cembre C Tap crimps are suitable for establishing earthing systems and tapping off from low voltage overhead lines - C tap crimps accomodate copper cable conductors including run and tap offs, 2.5sqmm to 240sqmm. Tin plated and bright surface finish C Tap connectors are available.

Typical "C" Tap copper connectors applications - copper tap connections, joint connections and jointing two parallel running conductors.

Cembre copper "C" Tap connectors are manufactured from high purity copper profiles and are suitable for a variety of uses. Each copper connectors is marked as follows :

  • Cembre trade mark
  • Cembre reference number
  • Conductor size-run
  • Conductor size-tap
  • Number of crimps
  • Cembre die reference


Pictured : Cembre C Tap Crimping Sleeves. Cembre ‘C’ crimp copper connectors are specifically designed for tap and parallel connections of stranded copper cables in low voltage earthing applications.

Joint Connection - Cembre C Tap Copper Sleeve

Jointing Two Conductors - Cembre C Tap Copper Sleeve

Tap Connection - Cembre C Tap Copper Sleeve


Pictured : Cembre C Tap Crimp Connectors (Bright Surface Finish) 

Cembre C Tap Crimp Connectors

Adobe Cembre C-Tap Copper Connectors 2.5-240sqmm