Cembre 2A-2M High Voltage 2 Hole Cable Lugs 11-33kV

Cembre High Voltage 2 Hole Cable Lugs 11-33kV

HV Cable Lugs 11kV-33kV

Cembre High Voltage 2 Hole Cable Lugs

Cembre 2A-2M


Cembre 2A-2M two hole fixing cable lugs feature an extended palm with two fixing holes at 44.5mm centres. Cembre high voltage copper cable lugs are designed for the compression termination of stranded copper conductors up to 33kV and are manufactured from high purity copper tube, annealed and tin-plated. 2 hole copper cable lugs can be produced to customer specification.Cembre 2A-2M Cable lugs
Cembre 2A-2M CE Approved Copper Terminals


Compression Connectors for Connecting & Terminating HV Conductors

Compression (crimp) connectors are an established method of connecting and terminating high voltage cable conductors. To ensure a reliable connection or termination, the following should be observed.

  • Both cable conductor and compression crimp should be cleaned down using cable cleaning wipes
  • The size, shape and metal (copper or aluminium) must be correct for the cable conductor
  • The correct crimp die set should be selected
  • The cable conductor must be fully inserted into the crimp connector
  • The correct compression or crimping sequence must be followed and the full compression pressure applied.

Failure to observe these precautions can result in a compression connector, lug or termination that fails in service.

Cembre 2A-2M Copper Lugs Specifications

Reference Number Conductor Size Stud Size Dimensions


B M N L d

Cembre 2A80-2M12

400sqmm 12mm 27mm 51mm 22mm 14mm 177.5mm 13.2mm

Cembre 2A80-2M14

400sqmm 14mm 27mm 51mm 22mm 16mm 181.5mm 15mm

Cembre 2A80-2M16

400sqmm 16mm 27mm 51mm 22mm 19mm 184.5mm 17mm

Cembre 2A100-2M14

500sqmm 14mm 30.3mm 56.5mm 22mm 16mm 182.5mm 15mm

Cembre 2A100-2M16

500sqmm 16mm 30.3mm 56.5mm 22mm 19mm 185.5mm 17mm

Cembre 2A120-2M14

630sqmm 14mm 33.4mm 61.5mm 22mm 16mm 200.5mm 15mm

Cembre 2A120-2M16

630sqmm 16mm 33.4mm 61.5mm 22mm 19mm 202.5mm 17mm

Adobe Cembre 11kV-33kV Two Hole Cable Lugs, 25-630sqmm- Cembre 2A2

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Cembre 2A-2M High Voltage 2 Hole Cable Lugs 11-33kV