HV Earths & Portable Earthing Leads for UK DNO's

HV Earths - High Voltage Portable Earth Leads 11kV 33kV

HV Earths - High Voltage Portable Earth Leads for Overhead Line Networks

HV Earths meet the requirements of ESI standard EA TS 43-81 - a complete range of HV (High Voltage) Earths and Portable Earth Leads are available to UK DNO specifications including Central Networks, SP Scottish Power Energy Networks, NIE Northern Ireland Electricity, UK Power Networks (EDF), Norweb and CE Electric.

HV Earths are available with a choice of earth clamps for both live-end and earth-end connections to high voltage over head line systems.

HV Earths for high voltage electricity networks provides safe and reliable earth clamping where connections are to be made to dirty or heavily oxidised copper or aluminium busbars or stubs : this includes portable earthing leads and systems for 33kV, 66kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV.

HV Earths - Sequence of Use for High Voltage Portable Earth Leads :

  1. Switch out or de-energise electrical equipment or overhead line
  2. Prove voltage absence - check system is de-energised by voltage detector
  3. Connect to earth point with clamp - to this clamp connect a cable with interconnections to similar clamps arranged to connect with phase or potentially live equipment terminals. This ensures that if plant or electrical equipment is accidentally re-energised the short circuit caused by the temporary connections will activate the portable earthing and back up protection will protect against electric shock.

Portable Earths & Earthing Leads for High Voltage Overhead Lines

HV portable earthing and earth lead kits provide safe and secure clamping on extra high voltage overhead distribution lines during maintenance or erection.

HV Earthing & Earth Kits for UK DNO's Overview

  • HV Portable Earthing Kit Sets Triplex (EC3.2E) -EDF, Scottish Power, YEDL
  • HV Portable Earthing Kit Sets Triplex (EC3.1B)
  • HV Portable Earthing Kit Sets (Norweb)
  • HV Portable Earthing Kit Sets (NEDL)
  • HV Portable Earthing Kit Sets (NIE)
  • HV Earth Kit - Trident Blue
  • Drain Earth (Blue 50mm A/Flex) 3.1B W/O EC4.1T
  • Drain Earth (Blue 50mm A/Flex) 3.1E W/O EC4.1T
  • HV Earth Kit (EME) - Trident c/w 3.1B and Parking Bar
  • HV Earth Kit 11kV/33kV S9B with Hook
  • HV Earth Set EC3.1E (No Mesh)
  • HV Earth Kit (SP 33kV)
  • Substation Earth Kit (SP) W/O Star Point
  • HV Earth Kit (Central Networks)
  • HV Earth Mesh (NIE)

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