MCT Brattberg - Cable Transit Frames

MCT Brattberg cable transit frames, for both welding and bolting, meet the stringent demands of offshore and maritime applications. Transit frame units are cut, welded, ground and stamped with the MCT Brattberg logo, date of manufacture and material specification for identification and traceability. The complete transit frames are inspected and then dipped in a corrosion-resistant paint before being inspected for quality.

Transit Frames........

* Brattberg RGS is the standard transit frame for marine applications. 
* Brattberg RGSF is a transit frame with a flange that allows the frame to be
   welded into a hole which is slightly larger than the frame opening. 
* Brattberg RGSFB is a transit frame similar to RGSF except that it is bolted to
   the deck or bulkhead. 
* Brattberg RGSC is a transit frame with radius corners.  
* Brattberg RGSK is an extended RGS transit frame for use on outer decks
   where  pooling of water and debris is a problem. 
* Brattberg RGS btb is a double transit frame for packing from both sides
   enabling on-site pressure tests. 
* Brattberg RGB is the standard transit frame for land based applications. 
* Brattberg RGG is a standard bolt-on transit frame designed for plaster or light concrete walls. 
* Brattberg RGP is a round Lycron rubber transit frame for applications in holes
   and pipes. 

* Sleeves are round steel transit frames which are used together with RGPs.

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MCT Brattberg - Cable Transit Frames