11kV-33kV Cable Sealing Systems For High Voltage Substations

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Cable Seals For High Voltage Substations


Roxtec cable seals are specified by UK DNO's and utilities to provide guaranteed protection to cable penetrations where 11kV high voltage power cables enter substations through cable ducts. 

Roxtec H3 Trefoil Cable Seal ensures protection against flood damage to 11kV-33kV single core power cables entering high voltage substations in trefoil arrangement.

Roxtec cable seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability - the Roxtec Multidiameter modules are adaptable to various cable sizes with in-built removable layers. Roxtec watertight cable seals provide in-built spare capacity for easy upgrades and future introduction of new cables into the ducts.


Pictured : Roxtec Cable Sealing - H3 Trefoil Cable Seal

Roxtec H3 Seals

Sealing Triplex Power Cables - 11kV 33kV Trefoil Cables (High Voltage)

Roxtec has developed the H3 150 Triplex cable seal, specifically to seal problematic high voltage triplex formation cables. Traditional, mastic based sealants struggle to provide an effective seal for the triplex cables, not only due to the weight of the cabling, but also because the cables will usually bend upwards from the cable duct to their termination point at the base of the HV switchgear.

The Roxtec H3-150 helps to simplify the installation. As with Roxtec regular seals, it supports the heavy, inflexible cables and its three part design allows for easier installation. As with standard seals, the Roxtec H3-150 uses Multidiameter technology.

Each opening in the seal is fitted with removable layers, so each cable seal can be used for a range of cable sizes. This design has been used effectively on the largest cables on offshore wind applications and is now being utilised on a number of regional DNO’s (district network operators) and renewable substations, as well as on a number of private networks.

Pictured : Substation Cable Seals. Roxtec seals ensure cable and pipe protection against fire, water, gas, salt, corrosion, dust and rodents. Customised Roxtec variants are available for equipotential bonding and increased electrical safety protecting against electromagnetic interference, lightning strikes, explosion and chemical reactions that may cause substation power failures.

Trefoil Cable Seal  

   Trefoil Cable Seal


Roxtec Cable Transits - Installing & Terminating Substation Cables

Roxtec cable transits provide several clear advantages for installing and terminating cables in industrial and high voltage substations. Roxtec cable transits provide a standardised design with the flexibility to terminate a variety of different sizes and cable constructions.

The ease of cable installation reduces labour costs and minimises the potential for cable insulation damage. The structural and environmental integrity of the wall or floor penetration is maintained providing an insulated, vapor-tight and fire-stop barrier and cables can be easily added for future up-grading.

Roxtec cable transits are a viable alternative for terminating cables into industrial power substations.

Video: Roxtec High Voltage Substation Cable Seals for Triplex Cables Using H3 Cable Seal - 3 x Single Cable Seals Into Cable Duct

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11kV-33kV  Cable Sealing Systems For High Voltage Substations