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MCT Brattberg - Cable Transit

MCT Brattberg Multi Cable Transit system provides a tested and certified seal thatCable Transits - MCT Brattberg Cable Pipe Sealing Transits protects human lives and equipment against hazards and harsh environments. MCT Brattberg cable transits and pipe penetration seals are installed in walls and floors to maintain fire and water integrity.

The MCT Brattberg cable transit system is based on a simple idea consisting of two components - a frame and packing blocks. The cable duct or pipe seal is achieved when the packing blocks are pressed together around cables and pipes in a frame.

The heart of the MCT Brattberg cable transit system is "Lycron" rubber material from which the insert blocks are made. It is extremely resistant to fire and pressure changes, the cable transits also withstand smoke, extreme temperature changes, vibration, dama­ging insects, chemicals and ageing. 

MCT Brattberg - SR Cable Transit & Pipe Seals
SR Gland is designed to seal cables and pipes between 4-100 mm diameter and can be supplied cut to allow pre-terminated cable/pipe to be installed. SR Glands are supplied with a centre core providing a seal prior to cable installation. SR cable and pipe seals will provide an effective barrier against fire, water, dust, vermin. When cable is inserted into the SR gland simply tighten the compression bolts equally until the cable/pipe is secure.  

MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transits are designed and manufactured to provide maximum benefits.

Cable Transit System Concept
* The cable transit system contains frames, blocks, and insulation collars.
* Long-term reliability of all components. 
* Cable and pipe transit system quick to install.
* Design and features of each type of component make them easy to install.
* Product costs are reduced as no special tools are required to install transits.
* Packing guides indicate location of insert blocks and cables within frames.
* Transit design planning software is available for engineers/designers.

Cable Transit Frames:
* Transit frames suit ship bulkheads and decks. 
* Each corner is multiple-welded to satisfy the destruction test.
* Robotic welding is used to maintain consistent high-quality welds.
* Tight dimensional tolerances maintain functionality of insert blocks.
* The inner surfaces are smooth and free from residual weld spatter.

Insert Blocks:
* The cable/pipe size can be clearly identified on each insert block.
* The insert blocks are made of a self-extinguishing material.
* The insert blocks are self-lubricating to facilitate installation.
* The insert blocks retain their shape and functionality.
* The blocks do not crack, melt, harden or become brittle.
* The blocks do not release corrosive gases when subject to fire.
* The blocks do not deteriorate when under attack by rodents or insects.
* The blocks are moulded to tight tolerances for accurate sizing.
* Block design prevents displacement after installation.
* The blocks result in minimal waste during installation.

Cable Transits - Performance Characteristics

MCT Brattberg cable transits and frames provide a tested and certified seal :

* Fire - tested for integrity and insulation

* Smoke & Fumes - prevents passage of smoke and fumes when exposed to fire

* Explosion - can withstand an explosion up to 23 Bar without the cable or pipe seal being compromised

* Mechanical - cable transit capable of supporting the weight of cables and pipes should there be any failure of the cable tray or cable ladder system in fire conditions

* Sound - effectively dampens the sound transmission (up to 53 dB) between 2 adjacent areas

* Vibration - cable transit capable of withstanding vibration from 5-33Hz without any detrimental effect to the system

* Chemical Resistance - cabl transit materials are constructed with degree of resistance when subject to variety of chemicals

* Heat Ageing - heat ageing showed limited deterioration of hardness, tensile strength or elongation at break

* Gamma Radiation - no detrimental effect

* Rodents - the cable transits have been subjected to rodent exposure for 3 weeks and demonstrated no evidence of cable seal deterioration

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