Weicon Multi-Purpose Stripping Tool No.400

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Weicon Multi-Stripper No. 400


Weicon Multi-Stripper No.400

Weicon Multi-Strpper No.400 tool used for cable and wire stripping for all common round cables of 8–13 mm Ø (e.g. NYM 3 x 1,5mm² up to 5 x 2,5 mm²). This cable stripping tool allows for circular and longitudinal cable stripping as well as flush stripping in hard-to-reach areas, e.g. ceilings and walls, junction and distribution boxes, switch cabinets, etc.

Weicon Multi-Strpper No.400 is suitable for cable stripping of all common stranded and solid conductors of 0,5 mm², 0,75 mm², 1,5 mm², 2,5 mm², 4,0 mm² and 6,0 mm² (20–10 AWG). Weicon No.400 also has an easily accessible built-in side cutter for flexible conductors of max. 6,0 mm² (10 AWG); solid conductors of max. 4,0 mm² (12 AWG).

Weicon Cable Stripping Tool - Multi-Stripper No. 400

Weicon Multi-Purpose Cable Stripper No.400 Technical Data


Cable Type Fine wired and solid conductors with PVC insulation
Field Of Use External diameter 8-13mm, strips conductors 0.5-6mm²
Inner Blade Glued in fixed, not replaceable
Additional Benefits Side cutter, flexible up to 6mm², solid up to 4mm²
Approval / Certificates Safety tested by TUV NORD
Material Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
Length 155mm
Weight 79g

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Weicon Multi-Purpose Stripping Tool No.400