Weicon Swivel-blade Cable Stripping Tools - 4mm - 50mm

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Weicon Swivel-Blade Cable Strippers


Weicon cable strippers allow all low voltage (LV) common round, coaxial, multi-sheathed and flexible cables of 4mm - 50 mm Ø to be stripped accurately, quickly and safely. The swivel-blade causes no damage of the inner conductors due to infinitely variable adjustment of the cutting depth. Weicon cable strippers are available in 6 different types resp. capacity sizes. 

Cable strippers for works and cable jointing on live low voltage cables and wires up to 1000 volt are available.

Weicon Stripping Tools

Weicon Swivel-Blade Cable Stripping Tool Features


Description For all common round cables of between 4mm-50mm diameter
Cable Type Fine wired and solid conductors with PVC insulation
Inner Blade Adjustable & Replaceable
Certificates Safety tested by TUV Nord
Material Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
Accessories Replacement blade, Art.-No.50100001


Weicon Swivel-Blade Cable Strippers Technical Data

Cable Stripper Type Ø
Weicon No.4-16 4mm - 16mm
Weicon No.4-28 H (Hook Knife) 4mm - 28mm
Weicon No.4-28 G (Straight Knife) 4mm - 28mm
Weicon No.8 - 27 8mm - 28mm
Weicon No.28-35 28mm - 35mm
Weicon No. 35 - 50 35mm - 50mm


1. Adjustments:

No damage of the inner conductors occurs due to the infinitely variable adjustment of the cutting depth. It can be handled easily and precisely with the adjusting wheel.


2. Circular – longitudinal cut:

Both circular and longitudinal cuts are possible due to a self-turning stripping blade.

circular-longitudinal cut

3. Application:

Accurate, fast and safe stripping of all common round cables of 4-50mm Ø.

Cable Stripper S Application

4. Additional Blade:

This is the first cable stripper of its kind which has an additional hook blade that can steadily jut out or be immersed into the tool and then be fixed in both positions due to reasons of operational safety. This is a new safety standard in the domain of “cable strippers”.

Additional Blade of Cable Stripper S


YouTube Video: Weicon Cable Stripper No. 4-28


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