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Weicon cable stripping tools provide accurate, fast and safe stripping of all common round cables of 4 - 50 mm Ø. Weicon cable strippers have an ergonomically-shaped, anti-slip handle.

The cutting depth of the Weicon cutting blades can be infinitely adjusted using the adjusting screw at the end of the handle, preventing any damage to the inner conductors. These cable strippers also have automatic swivelling for circular and longitudinal cuts.

Weicon Stripping Tools

Weicon Cable Strippers Technical Data
Cable Stripper Type Ø
Weicon No.4-16 4mm - 16mm
Weicon No.4-28 H (Hook Knife) 4mm - 28mm
Weicon No.4-28 G (Straight Knife) 4mm - 28mm
Weicon No.8 - 27 8mm - 28mm
Weicon No.28-35 28mm - 35mm
Weicon No. 35 - 50 35mm - 50mm
Weicon S 4-28 4mm - 28mm
Weicon S 4-28 Multi 4mm - 28mm
Weicon S 4-28 Voltage 4mm - 28mm

Weicon Cable Strippers 4mm - 50mm

  1. Adjusting Screw
  2. Inner Blade
  3. Bracket with or without blade
  4. POM part
  5. Cap (for cable strippers with blade)
  6. Outer casing with anti-slip 2-component handle
  7. End cap 


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