Cable Stripping Tools - Alroc

Alroc Cable Stripping Tools

Alroc Insulation Stripping Tools

Jointers Tools for Low & High Voltage Cable Preparation



Cable stripping tools for low and high voltage cable preparation prior to cable jointing or cable terminating with heat shrink, cold shrink or push-on cable joints or terminations.

Alroc Cable Sheath Stripping PliersAlroc Cable Stripping Pliers

  • Removes PVC, PE and EPR cable sheaths
  • Suitable for single core and three core low/high voltage cables
  • Right or left handed cable stripping tools


Alroc Semi- Conductive Screen Removers (Bonded & Peelable)

Alroc Cable Screen Stripping Tools

  • Removes bonded semi-conductor screens from high voltage cables


Alroc Screen Scoring Tools

  • Removes peelable (easy strip) semi-conductor screen from high voltage cables


Alroc Insulation Stripping ToolsAlroc Cable Insulation Stripping Tools

  • Removes high voltage insulation without damage to the core




YouTube Video Playlist: Alroc Cable Insulation Stripping Tools

Adobe Alroc ASC Bonded Semi-Conductor Screen Removal Tool

Adobe Alroc LH Insulation Removal Tools - Cable Strippers

Adobe Alroc LHM Peelable Semi Conductor - Alroc Screen Scoring Tools

Adobe Alroc LHP High Voltage Insulation Stripping Tools

Adobe Alroc LHS Bonded Semi-Conductor Screen Removal Tools

Adobe Alroc PG BT Sheath Stipping Pliers - LV Twisted Arial

Adobe Alroc PG HTA Outer Sheath Stripping Pliers

Adobe Cable Stripping Tools - Alroc

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Cable Stripping Tools - Alroc