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GPH (Nexans) medium voltage mechanical cable connectors and cable lugs suit aluminium and copper conductor ranges 16-1000sqmm up to 33kV.

GPH (Nexans) Medium Voltage Cable Connectors & Cable Lugs - Ranges

  • Aluminium round stranded up to 1000sqmm
  • Aluminium round solid up to 1000sqmm
  • Copper round stranded up to 800sqmm


Medium Voltage Cable Connector/Lug Specification - connector body is high strengthNexans GPH Cable Lugs Connectors Ferrules aluminium alloy with brass bolts featuring alley key and hexagon head - all surfaces are tin-plated.

Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH is the manufacturer of GPH cable splice ferrules and lugs for low and high voltage power cables and overhead lines - this includes and extensive range of DIN Standard cabler lugs to German specification.


Nexans manufacture a complete range ofNexans Cable Tool Kits For Cable Jointers MV
accessories for MV Medium Voltage underground cables: Pre-moulded EPDM separable screened connectors to ANSI and CENELEC standards, epoxy bushings for ANSI and CENELEC standards as well as a large range of medium voltage slip on, cold-shrinkable and heat-shrinkable terminations and cable joints.

Nexans MV medium voltage cable accessories are supported by a tailor-made MV cable jointers tool kit to enable the installation of MV connectors, joints and terminations.

See : Nexans Utility Tool Kit 82320 - Cable Preparation Tool Kit

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