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3M Scotch Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234


3M Scotch Cable Sheath and Jacket Repair Tapes provide tough, abrasion resistant and electrical insulation enhancement to low and high cable networks.

Typical cable repairs include flexible portable power cables, diesel locomotive cables, underground cables, welding cables, shipwiring cables and mining cables.

Scotch Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 provides a cost effective and efficient means of covering and protecting damaged sections of cable jacket, thereby extending the life of the cable and reducing down time.

The outer layer of the 3M Scotch 2234 tape is composed of vulcanized Hypalon® rubber to provide outstanding chemical and environmental resistance.

The inner layer is composed of flame-retardant mastic and acts as a moisture barrier which provides excellent adhesion to a variety of jacket materials.

Scotch Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 should be half-lapped over the damaged cable jacket area so as to cover the entire area.

Each end should be overwrapped with Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape or Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88.

The lowest application temperature is 23°F (-5°C). Continuous operating temperature range is -22°F (-30°C) to 194°F (90°C).

3M Cable Sheath Repair Tape Product Benefits:

  • Durable, flexible 
  • On-site, quick, universal cable repair 
  • Abrasion, water, UV, chemical and oil-resistant, heavy duty backing 
  • No heat required
  • Moisture-resistant, self-healing, flame retardant mastic 
  • Will not corrode copper or aluminum conductors

Pictured: 3M Cable Sheath Repair Tape Application

3M Cable Sheath Repair Tape Application

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Adobe 3M Scotch 2234 Cable Jacket Repair Tape - Compatibility Chart

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