Bitumen Remover Cable Wipes - PF-BR

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PF-BR Bitumen Remover Cable Wipes

High Voltage Cable Cleaning - HT 440kV

PF-BR Bitumen remover cable wipes are extra large, heavily saturated cable wipes specifically designed for the bitumen removal process and cleaning during LV-HV electrical operations.

The large PF-BR Bitumen remover cable wipes size reduces the amount of cable wipes required, resulting in time and cost savings and also allows the user to clean the whole diameter of the cable without making contact with the potentially hot cable.

The impregnating liquid in the PF-BR Bitumen remover cable wipes, PF Solvent, is widely used and approved within the power industry and was designed to IEEE recommendations.

PF-BR Bitumen Remover Cable Wipes - Applications & Benefits:

* Bitumen remover cable wipes for cable cleaning prior to cable jointing and maintenance of LV- HV cables, switchgear and network equipment

* Bitumen remover cable wipes removes oils, soils, tar and bitumen residues

* Bitumen remover cable wipes reduces time and wastage during cable preparation resulting in significant cost savings

* Bitumen remover cable wipes easy hold and grip on extra large wipe allows the user to clean the whole diameter of the cable with one wipe

* Bitumen remover cable wipes suitable for use on static and live cables - low, medium and high voltage applications (up to 440kV)

* Bitumen remover cable wipes residue free electrical cleaning ensures no earth tracking or local hot spots

* Bitumen remover cable wipes bucket wipe system eliminates flammable liquid solvents; no issues with hazardous transport, storage or logistics

* Bitumen remover cable wipes reduces solvent consumption and VOC emissions

* Bitumen remover cable wipes improves Health & Safety in the workplace

Bitumen remover wipes are used and approved by ABB, Bostin Edison, DobleCable Cleaning - Hessian Sheathed PILC Cables Bitumen Removal Engineering, EDF, Elastimold, ESB, Florida Power, General Electric, Georgia Power, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pirelli (Prysmian), UK Power Networks, CE Electric, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and United Utilities (UU - Electricity North West). PT PF Solvent Cable Wipes are also available for the cleaning and removal of oils, greases and contaminants from power cables.

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