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Straight Cable Joints - Resin Joints for LV Cable Jointing

CTL Clearcast resin straight cable joint kits are suitable for jointing XLPE/SWA power cables, waveform and split concentric street lighting cables.

For cable jointing applications up to 1000 volts, the joints may be filled under load conditions.

Pictured: CTL Clearcast Resin Cable Joint Kits - Straight Joints

CTL Clearcast Resin Cable Joint Kits - Straight Joints

The completed resin cable joint should be left uncovered before back-filling for two hours to allow the resin to fully cure - cable jointers should ensure that there is no movement of the cable cores during curing of the resin.

CTL cable joints are in service throughout the UK Network Rail system and Docklands Light Rail, Glasgow SPT Subway, London Underground, Nottingham Express Transit and Manchester Metrolink.

All cable joint kits include brass tunnel mechanical connectors or aluminium shearbolt connectors for fast and easy jointing of copper or aluminium conductors without resort to crimping tools.

Cable joints suitable for 600/1000 volt and up to 3.3kV with inclusion of self-amalgamating tape.

Resin cable jointing kits can be used to joint paper insulated lead covered BS6480 (PILC SWA) cables with the inclusion of additional earth bonding kits to provide earthing for the lead sheath.

Resin cable joints are supplied with 2 part polyurethane resin compatible with PVC, XLPE, EPR, PE and PILC cables.

2 part cable resin is easy to mix, quick to pour and provides excellent electrical insulation and mechanical protection to low voltage power cables which are to cable jointed either underground in a cable trench or overhead on cable tray, ladder or basket.

Resin cable jointing kits are suitable also for Marine & Offshore Shipwiring Cables.

Resin cable joints are also available for LSF, waveform, earthing cables and FP type power cables.

CTL Clearcast Resin Cable Joint Kits - Straight Joints - Product Range
Max Cable Size - 4 Core Basic Joints Basic Joints Plus Mechanical Connectors
Part No Earth Kit Included Part No Connectors Included
1.5-6mm² CM0 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM0+C 4x MC1/0 & Allen Key
10-16mm² CM1 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM1+C 4x MC1/1 & Allen Key
25mm² CM2 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM2+C 4x MC1/2 & Allen Key
35-95mm² CM3 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM3+C 4x MC1/3 & Allen Key
120mm² CM4 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM4+C 4x MC1/3 & Allen Key
150mm² CM5 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM5+C 4x MC1/5
185-240mm² CM6 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM6+C 4x MC1/6
300-400mm² CM7 Braid & Constant Force Springs CM7+C 4x MC1/7
Basic joints with compression ferrules instead of mechanical connectors are able available.


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