Pot End Joints - Cable End Seals

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Cable End Seals & Pot End Kits for Street Lighting Cables

Pot end joints and live end cable seals are suitable for permanent or temporary cable sealing permitting the safe termination of live street lighting power cables.

Pictured: Pot End Joints - Cable End Seals

Pot End Joints - Cable End Seals

Suitable for temporary or permanent cable abandonment, including direct burial applications. 3M Kits include Cold Shrink end caps, Cold Shrink tubes, armour continuity for wire armoured (SWA) cables and electrical tapes.

Cold shrink live cable end seals, 3M CSCAK types, are suitable for moisture-proof sealing of multi-core cables (2, 3 and 4 core cables).

Cold shrink cable end seals comprise small end caps to insulate conductors and a larger cable end cap to overseal the cable end.

Pot End Joints - Cable End Seals - Product Range
Accepted Cable Diameter Part Reference
12-18mm CSCAK/1
18-25mm CSCAK/2
25-42mm CSCAK/3
42-55mm CSCAK/4
56-81mm CSCAK/5


Adobe Pot End Joint for Sealing Live Cable End Seals