Cable Jointing Equipment

Cable Jointing Equipment

T&D supply street lighting contractors and installers with cable installation and jointing equipment to enable the cable jointing, termination, laying and distribution of street lighting and public lighting cables.

T&D distribute the most extensive range of Cable Jointing & Electricity Distribution Equipment for low and high voltage cable systems, including underground and overhead power cables and lines. We stock Cable Joints, Terminations, Glands, Cleats and associated cable jointing and cable laying equipment for LV, HV and up to 33kV.

Adobe Mechanical Connectors for Cable Jointing and Connecting - CTL

Adobe Cable Sheath Repair Kits for Street Lighting Cables - 3M

Adobe Underground Warning Tape - Boddingtons

Adobe Underground Warning Tape Detectable - Boddingtons

Adobe Cable Pulling Socks for Street Lighting Cables - Slingco

Adobe Ratchet Crimping Tool 0.25-16sqmm - Cembre

Adobe Mechanical Crimping Tool 10-120sqmm - Cembre

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Cable Jointing Equipment