Overhead Line Burndy Wedge Tools

Overhead Line Burndy Wedge Tools Cable Jointing & Preparation Tools

Burndy Wedge Tools

LV & HV - 11kV 33kV Cables


Burndy Wedge connector tools (WTRB and WTY) have replaced Pirelli BICC MP100 and MP200 Wedge tools for use by overhead linesmen - Burndy wedges tools are available with cartridges or "boosters" with a breech loading design - the booster cartridge (red or yellow) is installed in a chamber on the tool side instead of having to unscrew the whole breech as in the Pirelli BICC tool.

Burndy wedge tools are suitable for aluminium bail clamps and are approved by Central Networks.

Pictured : Burndy Wedge Connector Tools

Burndy Wedge Connector Tools

Adobe Burndy Wedge Tools - Overhead Line - WTRB, WTY, WTRB