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Klauke Cable Crimping Tools offer the right solutions for all cable crimping applications.

Klauke crimping tools are made from the highest quality materials, are rust proof and surface finished with reputation for having long service lives, consistently delivering safe, and, most important, long lasting electrical cable crimping connections for low and high voltage applications.

Klauke Single-action crimping tools are lightweight, easy to use and have ergonomic handles designed to optomise crimp force transmission.

Klauke Two-handed crimping tools are power-optimised with factory-tested pre-tension. Crimp tools designed with telescope handles to minimise storage space. Klauke crimping tools with ratchet mechanisms allow users easy crimping of large cross-section cables.

Klauke Hand-operated hydraulic crimping tools feature ergonomic, lightweight aluminium handles. All Kaluke crimp tools feature a two-stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke when reaching counter pressure. Once the cable crimping operation is complete the crimping tool jaws open automatically and retract to the original position.

Klauke Crimping Tools - Overview

  • Hand operated hydraulic crimping tools
  • Hydraulic crimping tools, hand operated
  • Hydraulic universal tool, hand operated
  • Battery-operated crimping tools
  • Hydraulic crimping heads
  • Electric and pneumatic crimping tools
  • Accessories for hydraulic crimping tools
  • Batteries and mains sets
  • Battery chargers
  • Force and pressure gauge systems 

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