Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Crimp Head (630sqmm) - Presshead

Cembre ECW-H3D

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Cembre ECW-H3D

Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Crimp Head (630sqmm) 


Cembre ECW-H3D hydraulic crimp head complete with quick automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 700bar max. Most commonly Cembre ECW-H3D crimphead is coupled to Cembre PO7000 foot pump. Cembre ECW-H3D is the cable jointers standard LV-HV crimping tool.

Cembre ECW-H3D crimp head in conjunction with the Cembre AU230-130D can be modified to accept semi-circular die sets. Also available to suit the ECW-H3D presshead is a series of DIN compression dies and dies for cutting copper, aluminium, aldrey and typical overhead line conductors.

Cembre ECW-H3D Crimp Head - Length 290mm, Width 120mm, 230kN Crimp Force.
Cembre ECW-H3D hydraulic crimp head

Cembre ECW-H3D Presshead - Crimping Head Capability :
LV Lugs & Splices up to 630sqmm
HV Lugs & Splices up to 630sqmm
Insulated Terminals up to 300sqmm
C Sleeve, C Tap Connectors up to 240sqmm

Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Crimp Head (Presshead) Features:

  • Crimping Force 230kN
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 700 Bar
  • Cembre ECW-H3D Length 290mm
  • Cembre ECW-H3D Width 120mm
  • Cembre ECW-H3D Weight 5.5kg

Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Presshead - User Instructions

Cembre ECW-H3D presshead tool is suitable for crimping electrical cable connectors, lugs and splices on conductors 10-630sqmm (4 AWG-1250 MCM). Cembre AU230-130D is available to enable the ECW-H3D crimphead to accept semi-slotted crimping dies common to most 130kN crimping tools.

Crimping Tool Maintenance : Dust, sand and dirt threaten the safe and reliable operation of all hydraulic presshead tools - after use the Cembre ECW-H3D should be cleaned with a clean cloth taking care to remove any residual especially close to pivots and movable parts.

11kV 33kV

Cembre crimper tools are preferred by MV-HV Cable Jointers to provide electrical crimp connections and splices, call us to discuss your cable installation and jointing tool requirements. 

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Adobe Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Crimp Head (630sqmm) - Presshead

Adobe Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Crimp Head (630sqmm) - Presshead Manual

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Cembre ECW-H3D Hydraulic Crimp Head (630sqmm) - Presshead