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Cable Drum Lifting Jacks

 LV HV Cable Drums

Lightweight hydraulic cable drum jacks are versatile and easily adjustable for various drum sizes. Hydraulic cable drum jacks are fitted with wheels to allow one man to move them around the cable yard.

Cable drum jacks are supplied complete with drum spindle and locking collars.

Pictured: SEB Hydraulic Type Cable Jacks

SEB Hydraulic Type Cable Jacks

HJ3 Hydraulic Cable Drum Jacks - 3 Tonne

  • Minimum cable drum diameter 800mm
  • Maximum cable drum diameter 2500mm
  • Weight (per pair) 106kgs
  • Weight spindle (1800mm) 28kgs

HJ6 Hydraulic Cable Drum Jacks - 6 Tonne 

  • Minimum cable drum diameter 880mm
  • Maximum cable drum diameter 3000mm
  • Weight (per pair) 118kgs
  • Weight spindle (2100mm) 53kgs

HJ10 Hydraulic Cable Drum Jacks - 10 Tonne

  • Minimum cable drum diameter 1080mm
  • Maximum cable drum diameter 3500mm
  • Weight (per pair) 180kgs
  • Weight, spindle (2100mm) 53kgs

Cable Drum Jacks & Setting Cable Drums Prior to Cable Pulling & Cable Laying

LV HV Cable Pulling Using Cable Jacks - Tips

  • Carry out site specific risk assessment.
  • Always wear appropriate PPE.
  • Always push cable drums in the direction of travel.
  • Never pull cable drums with back to the direction of travel.
  • Push squarely on the cable drum flanges and be aware for any projecting nails in wooden cable drums.
  • Always use approved equipment for handling cable drums.
  • Never allow cable drums to move in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Never position or store a cable drum underneath an overhead line

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