Pirelli Warns Against Indian Cable Gland Imports

30-June-03 - Pirelli is warning electrical suppliers and wholesalers against selling Indian cable gland imports, without first assessing the risk of importing goods which are not CE compliant.

Jonathan Rawlinson, from Pirelli's components business, advises that if products are imported from outside the EU, it is the importer's responsibility, to ensure CE compliance and to have and maintain the appropriate technical file.

"We know that some importers are not carrying the technical file for these cable glands which means that potentially some wholesalers, distributors and installers are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk. In our opinion it is only a matter of time before the safety of an electrical installation on an industrial site is compromised because of using poor quality cable gland products which do not conform to European standards. In those circumstances the distributors and electrical contractors could be held to account for it."
Quality cannot be guaranteed......

Continued Rawlinson: "A cable gland should be able to mechanically support an electric cable and electrically terminate any earthed protection. The brass components used in some of these Indian cable glands are made from recycled material, some of which has been recycled so many times that quality cannot be guaranteed. On detailed inspection we have even found ferrous metal particles present in the alloy. Incorrectly alloyed brass components have been shown to be significantly weaker when tested for mechanical strength."

"In addition the labour used to make these products is often, unskilled and untrained in the analysis of brass components. Therefore sub-standard workmanship can result and it is often left to chance as to whether one receives an acceptable or poor batch of products. The safety of electricity systems should not be left to chance."

In order to guarantee the safety of all UK electrical installations Pirelli encourages wholesalers, distributors and contractors to ask for a CE marked cable gland that complies with all the relevant safety directives.

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Pirelli Warns Against Indian Cable Gland Imports