E1W Brass Cable Glands - Prysmian BICC BICON

Prysmian BICC BICON E1W Cable Glands

Prysmian Cable Glands


E1W Cable Glands




Prysmian BICC BICON E1W brass cable glands (KAA413) are used to gland or terminate all types of steel wire armoured SWA cables in both indoor and outdoor applications with IP66 rating.

Prysmian E1W brass cable glands are available in LSF version.


E1W Prysmian Cable Gland Kit List - Prysmian KAA413

E1W brass cable gland to BS6121-1 
E1W brass earth tag provides earth continuity between gland and equipment
E1W brass gland locknut
PVC shroud provides enhanced ingress protection
2 x Prysmian brass cable glands per kit up to and including 25mm

Prysmian E1W double seal cable glands : outer seal grips cable sheath, inner seal grips bedding layer of cable ensuring a weatherproof and waterproof cable termination.

Prysmian type E1W cable gland kits are available in 12 sizes to suit 8mm - 78mm cable outside diameters.

Prysmian E1W Brass Cable Glands


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