A275 Brass Bicon Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KM409-63), 60.5-67.0mm

Prysmian KM409-63 Bicon A275 Cable Gland

A2 Cable Glands

Bicon Cable Gland A275 

BiconPrysmian KM409-63

 Industrial Brass Stuffing Cable Glands

Prysmian Bicon KM409-63 (A275) A2 brass cable glands with 75mm entry thread enable cable termination of plastic or rubber sheathed unarmoured cables in indoor or outdoor applications  – the A275 cable glands are weatherproof and waterproof and suitable for 60.5-67.0mm cable diameters.

A275 cable gland kits are suitable for use with all unarmoured cables complying with BS EN 50262 & BS 6121-1: 1989. The A275 glands are rated to IP66 with use of suitable sealing washer and thread sealant at gland interface.

Metric & NPT Nickel Plated versions available.

BICC Bicon A275 Cable Glands : Gland Kit Prysmian KM409-63

  • Manufacturer: Prysmian
  • Brand: Bicon
  • Cable Gland Material: Brass
  • Cable Gland Size: A275
  • Quantity Per Kit: 1 Cable Gland
  • Cable Diameter (B): 60.5-67.0mm
  • Entry Thread (D) : M75 x 1.5
  • Thread Length (E) : 15mm
  • Protrusion Length (F): 40mm
  • Hexagon A/F (G): 85mm
  • Hexagon A/C (H): 95mm
  • Order Code:  KM409-63 (A275)

A2 Cable Gland Kit

LSF A2 cable glands are available.

Prysmian A275 KM409-63 Cable Glands

T&D distribute the complete range of Prysmian Cable Glands including BW, CW, A2, E1FW, E2W, barrier, hazardous area (ATEX) and high voltage cable glands - Prysmian low voltage and high voltage cable joints, cable terminations and cable cleats are also available.


Adobe A275 Brass Bicon Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KM409-63), 60.5-67.0mm

Adobe A275 Brass Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KM409-63), 60.5-67.0mm

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A275 Brass Bicon Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KM409-63), 60.5-67.0mm