Network Rail Cable Location

Network Rail Approved Cable Location & Cable Detection Tools
PADS No - PA05/02031

The Cable Detection Ezi-SYSTEM range of cable locators have Network Rail approval for use on all rail infrastructure. The cable location and detection tests took place with Network Rail in Basingstoke, Bramley and Rugby over March and February 2007.

In order to pass the stringent standards for Network Rail usage the underground cable locators must get 50 positive cable detections in each test area, 150 positive cable locations in total - the underground cable locators and signal generator passed each of these with no problems and are PADS numbered for Network Rail approved use.

Along with Network Rail approval (Certificate No: PA05/02031), the Ezi-SYSTEM cable location range also conforms to RoHs, WEEE and CE and is certified under ISO 9001:2000.

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Network Rail Cable Location