Cable Detection - EziTRACE Signal Generator

Underground Cable Location LV HV

Cable Detection EZiTRACE dual frequency generator is the perfect cable tracing partner for the EZi-CAT locator. When used with the EZiSYSTEM accessories and the EZi-CAT, the EZiTRACE can trace difficult buried pipe and cable services without a naturally present signal. Enclosed in a high impact structural polypropylene case, the EZiTRACE is a tough piece of equipment built to last on construction sites. 

EZiTRACE generates a specific "active" signal that can then be traced using the EZi-CAT 100 cable locator. EziTRACE Features:

* Choice of frequencies for maximum site flexibility
* Induction and connection output modes
* Rugged sealed case for durability
* Operates with a wide range of cable location equipment
* Automatic mode selection (connection / induction)
* Digital microprocessor control
* Compatible with all EZiSYSTEM cable detection accessories
* Network Rail approved  (PADS No: 094/020052)

Adobe Cable Detection Tool - EziMAP Signal Generator

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Cable Detection - EziTRACE Signal Generator