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Buried Services Location- Cable & Pipes

Cable detection EZiDIG uses market standard buried service location technology to locate buried cable and pipe services during excavation. By providing a real time warning of the presence of an underground electricity cable, Cable Detection EZiDIG works with the operator rather than against the workflow, keeping him alert to localised cable threats. Safety and productivity are maximised via reliable underground cable detection.

EZiDIG is available as a stand alone solution or can be integrated into existing machine control systems either via an installed Mikrofyn MikroDigger XC2 System or customised to fit with a range of machine electronic information systems installed by excavator manufacturers or distributors.

A World First in Cable Detection...................
With the introduction of EZiDIG to the marketplace, excavator operators are now no longer solely reliant on pre-surveys by hand held locator operators to identify where buried pipe and cable services lie. EZiDIG scans during excavation keeping the operator alert to threats from traceable buried metallic services. EZiDIG adds an additional layer of safety to the excavation process reducing risks to employees and expensive assets exposed to potential injury and damage.

This innovative world first in cable detection has been designed to give a continuously updated warning of the presence of buried cables or pipes underneath the cutting bucket of an excavator within the "Pawprint Detection Area". The EZiDIG Sensor Unit is attached to the dipper arm by two high strength magnets. In this way the EZiDIG Pawprint moves with the dipper arm, ensuring the sensor is constantly scanning the earth's surface for signals emitted by underground cables and pipes around the excavator bucket - safe and sure detection of underground cable and pipe utilities.

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Excavator Mounted Cable Detection Tools - EZiDIG