Cembre BTC04 Tool, Battery Operated Hydraulic Overhead Line Cutting Tools up to 40mm

Cembre BTC04 Tool

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Cembre B-TC04


Cembre BTC04 Battery Operated Cable Cutting Tool - T&D Cembre Stockist
Cuts Up To 40mm Diameter Cables with Double Speed Cutting Action

Cembre BTC04 14.4V Cordless Hydraulic Cutting Tool

  • Tool Length 492mm
  • Tool Height 250mm
  • Tool Width 100mm
  • Battery 14.4 Volts
  • Fitted with integral socket for 12V dc external power supply

Cembre BTC04 Features:

  • Single hand operation
  • 90 degree rotating head
  • Fitted with maximum pressure valve
  • Battery condition displayed after cutting operation
  • Minimal vibration for ease of use by overhead linesmen, utility workers and cable jointers


*Cembre battery operated cable and conductor cutters also include ranges for overline line conductor cutting applications - ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductor), AAAC (All Aluminium Alloy Conductor), ASCR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) and copper overhead lines.

Cembre Tools

Cembre are world leaders in the manufacture of electrical crimping, compression connectors and associated cable tooling for bare overhead conductors and underground cable systems - this includes hydraulic, ratchet and battery operated cable crimping and cable cutting tools to suit low (LV) cables, high (HV) cables and overhead power lines for HV-EHV electricity transmission and distribution.

Overhead lines, power, control, instrumentation and telecomms cables can be cut or crimped with Cembre tools - this covers Triplex, EPR, PILC, XLPE, PVC insulated cables with copper or aluminium conductors, lead sheath, steel wire armour ( SWA) or steel wire braid (GSWB).

Cable Cutting

Adobe Cembre BTC04 Tool, Battery Operated Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

Adobe Overhead Transmission & Distribution Aluminium Conductors & Cables - ACSR, AAC, AAAC - Alcan

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Cembre BTC04 Tool, Battery Operated Hydraulic Overhead Line Cutting Tools up to 40mm