Torgy Cable Cleats (GRC) for 33-500kV HV Power Transmission

Torgy Cable Cleats (GRC Glass Reinforced Composite) support medium and high voltage power transmission cables, 33kV-500kV.

Torgy Cable Cleats - Applications
*HV cable systems for tunnels, bridges and masts
*Flexible (sag) and rigid HV cable systems
*Vertical shafts, shard bends and HV cable joint bays
*Cleats for trefoil and single cable systems
*Cleats for cables with fibre optic sensors

Torgy Cable Cleats - Properties
*Excellent thermal and electrical insulator with high dielectric strength
*Corrosion free cable cleats with zero maintenance required
*Zero halogen cable cleats - non toxic
*Fire retardant and flame resistant cable cleats
*Fatigue tested to 10 million cycles

Also : Cable Joints, Terminations, Surge Arresters, Insulators, Sealing Ends Overhead Line Equipment and Cable Preparation Tools for EHV (Extra High Voltage) Cables. T&D UK are stockist distributors for 3M, SPS, Nexans (Elastimold Euromold), ABB, Pfisterer, Ixosil, Prysmian and WT Henley.

Adobe Torgy Cable Cleats (GRC) - HV High Voltage 33-500kV Transmission Cable Cleats

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Torgy Cable Cleats (GRC) for 33-500kV HV Power Transmission