ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses - IEC Standard 12kV and 24kV

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ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses - IEC Standard 12kV and 24kV


ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses are applicable in medium voltage systems, especially for protection of distribution transformers, where superior performance of fuses is requested for fault currents within 100 ms.

ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuse Features

  • Rated voltage: 12kV, 24kV and 30kV / 40.5kV, rated current 6.3A - 63 A
  • Very good protection against faults in low voltage switchgears 
  • Special design to achieve very low breaking current within 100ms 
  • Low minimum breaking current 
  • Low power losses, specially suitable in compact switchgear and ring main units 
  • High breaking capacity and current limitation 
  • Type tested according to IEC 60282-1 
  • Versions CEF-S-TCU equipped with Temperature Control Unit, that protects against high temperature in enclosed compartments 
  • Medium type striker, which is activated immediately when the fuse-elements melt 
  • Dimensions according to IEC 60282-1 and DIN 43625


ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuse Ratings 

Rated fuse voltage 12kV and 24kV

Rated fuse current 10Amp - 50Amp

ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses

ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuse Ratings & Dimensions

Rated Voltage

Rated Current Fuse Length Fuse Dia.

Max Tested Breaking Current

Min Breaking Current Lowest Current Which Gives Max Breaking Time Smaller Or Equal To 100ms Fuse Resis-tance at 20°C  Power Loss At Rated Current
Un In e D I1 I3 I0.1s R0 Pn
12kV 10A 292mm 65mm 50kA 55A 48A 187mΩ  27W
16A 292mm 65mm 50kA 55A 80A 108.5mΩ  38W
20A 292mm 65mm 50kA 72A 120A 72.3mΩ  39W
25A 292mm 65mm 50kA 72A 160A 46.5mΩ  45W
40A 292mm 65mm 50kA 100A 240A 24.5mΩ  54W
50A 292mm 65mm 50kA 190A 330A 18.8mΩ  70W
24kV 10A 442mm 65mm 25kA 55A 48A 373.2mΩ  54W
16A 442mm 65mm 25kA 55A 80A 186.6mΩ  67W
20A 442mm 65mm 25kA 72A 120A 124.4mΩ  69W
25A 442mm 65mm 25kA 72A 160A 93.3mΩ  70W
40A 442mm 65mm 25kA 110A 240A 48.8mΩ  122W
30kV / 40.5kV 6.3A 537mm 65mm 20kA 50A 43A 927mΩ  47W
10A 537mm 65mm 20kA 66A 54A 615mΩ  100W
16A 537mm 65mm 20kA 52A 87A 313mΩ  121W
20A 537mm 65mm 20kA 77A 122A 207mΩ  134W
25A 537mm 65mm 20kA 134A 118A 175mΩ  162W
31.5A 537mm 65mm 20kA 265A 202A 89.56mΩ  132W
40A 537mm 87mm 20kA 172A 324A 60.3mΩ  126W
50A 537mm 87mm 20kA 251A 500A 39.76mΩ  132W
63A 537mm 87mm 20kA 334A 655A 29.7mΩ  164W


Adobe ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses - IEC Standard 12kV and 24kV

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ABB CEF-S Current Limiting Fuses -  IEC Standard 12kV and 24kV