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A-Belco EASIGO & CEEGO Industrial Plugs & Sockets to BS196

A-Belco heavy duty plug, socket and connector fittings from 30 to 150 Amps are constructed with brass casings enabling applications under the most arduous industrial service condictions - heavy duty plugs and sockets are typically used in shipyards, ports, cement works, quarries and foundries.

A-Belco Heavy Duty Plugs, Sockets & Connectors - Features : Plugs, connectors and interlocked sockets from 30-150 Amps, Brass casings for industrial applications, Suitable for flexible and pliable armoured cables.

A-Belco Heavy Duty range with brass casings ensure that the plugs and sockets units can withstand arduous conditions where standard fittings could not operate - 100A outlet and connector features a locking arrangement to prevent accidental withdrawal on load.

A-Belco Heavy Duty Product Range Overview....

* Plugs
* Sockets
* Inlets
* Connectors
* Interlocked Switch Sockets
* Mating plug

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A-Belco Plugs and Sockets - Heavy Duty