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Reyrolle plugs and sockets (A-Belco EASIGO) were launched in the 1940s to provide a comprehensive range of protected type non-reversible single and three-phase plugs, sockets and interlocked switch sockets in 5amp, 15amp and 30amp current ratings.

Reyrolle (EASIGO) is an unrivalled plug and socket range specified worldwide. The Reyrolle plug and socket design combines cast metal and high performance moulded materials making EASIGO (Reyrolle) perfect for arduous environments including chemical plants, distilleries and breweries, power stations, rail, airport and heavy industry.

Reyrolle (A-Belco EASIGO) is the preferred BS196 standard for heavy duty plugs and socket installations throughout London Underground and Network Rail infrastructure. A unique quality feature of EASIGO (Reyrolle) plug and sockets is the capacity to carry currents in excess of their stated capacity. BS196 plugs and connectors are two-pin, non-reversible plugs, with a scraping earth connection. The fusing in BS196 plugs can apply to either pole, or the plug may be unfused altogether. Interchangeability of BS196 plugs is prevented by means of a keyway which may have any of eighteen different positions - BS196 plugs are available in 5amp, 15amp or 30amp versions. 

Easigo Fuse Switch Sockets with RCCB protection are approved by the former Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) to GDCD 238. 

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EASIGO Reyrolle Industrial Plugs, Sockets & Connectors - Features :

BS196 Fittings
- single phase plug and socket fttings in current ratings of 5, 15 and 30amps.

Three Phase Plugs & Sockets - in addition to standard 415 volt connectors, the three-phase (3 pole) fittings are also available as types AN (125 volt, 200Hz), XK (50 volt, 50Hz) and DR (110 volt, 50Hz).

Scraping Earth - plug feature provided by permanently resilient tongues fitted to the socket and connector casings ensures that the earth connection is made before and breaks after the main circuit connections and eliminates the need for a seperate earth pin and tube.

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