Emtelle Opticom & Quadcom Multi Duct Systems

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Emtelle Opticom & Emtelle Quadcom Cable Duct

Emtelle Multi Duct cable ducting system provides a useful alternative to traditional duct and sub duct systems allowing a one-pass installation of a system capable of taking multiple cables. Emtelle Opticom and Emtelle Quadcom offer differing features and benefits for a range of applications.

Pictured: Emtelle Opticom & Quadcom Multi Duct Systems

Emtelle Opticom & Quadcom Multi Duct Systems

Emtelle Opticom Multi Duct for Telecoms Cable Ducting

Emtelle Opticom is a single pass underground cable duct and cable protection system eliminating the need to winch in sub duct - socket coupling with outer seal ring acting against the mating pipe. Sub duct sockets ring sealed onto the sub ducts. Pre-lubricated telecoms cable duct and extruded to close tolerances to five easy on-site push-fit jointing. Emtelle Opticom Multi Duct is Scottish Power and SSE Scottish & Southern Energy Electricity approved for underground telecoms cable ducting and protection.

  • "One-pass" cable duct installation, eliminating the need to winch-in sub-ducts, making 25 - 30% savings in time.
  • Complete range of box terminators, bends, repair couplings, cabled duct repair kits, adaptors to other materials, expansion joints and rope-blowing equipment.
  • Straight inner duct alignment avoiding conventional sub-duct rotation giving lower inner duct friction, offering longer box centres and longer cable installation distances.
  • Systems available in a variety of outer duct materials such as MDPE, Galvanised or Mild Steel or Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polyester to cover all possible applications.
  • Robust product construction. 110mm outer duct has 450N compression strength allowing the use of "As-dug" back-fill in rural areas

Emtelle Quadcom Multi Duct for Telecoms Cable Ducting

Emtelle Quadcom is a sturdy and rugged trunk route cable duct systems for underground telecoms cable protection - Emtelle Quadcom Multi Duct is ideal for congested urban and inner city areas and cable routes with shallow depth burial. 4 times 42 U PVC cable ducts with formed sockets, clipped together in bundles of ofur with clips at 800mm centres. Emtelle Quadcom can also be laid in flat configuration or as single ducts or un-clipped at intervals to allow the run to pass either side of an obstruction.

  • A highly durable one-pass duct laying system.
  • Ease of cable duct installation offers savings in time and installation costs.
  • Compact size and inherent flexibility, reduced cable trench size thus lower trenching costs.
  • System spacers ensure maintained spacing between the ducts offering ease of back-filling aiding proper compaction.
  • A complete range of cable duct couplings, bends, slip connectors repair kit and rope-blowing equipment

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Emtelle Opticom & Quadcom Multi Duct Systems