3M Crimping Tools

3M Crimping Tools

3M crimping tools compliment the range of 3M Scotch and 3M Scotchlok cable
connectors and cable crimp lugs.

3M Crimping Tools .....................

3M EP1 Compression Tool - Cable Crimping Ability  
Copper lugs and cable connectors 6-240sqmm
Aluminium crimp lugs and cable connectors 16-300sqmm
Telescopic handle crimpers offer increased leverage for cable jointers
Hexagonal crimp die sets for crimp tools
Rounding die sets available for sector shaped aluminium conductors

3M EP2 Compression Tool - Cable Crimping Ability
Non-insulated cable crimp lugs and connectors 6-50sqmm
Hexagonal crimp die sets

3M EP3 Compression Tool - Cable Crimping Ability
Universal compression tool for crimp lugs and connectors 0.5-16sqmm

3M E9BM Compression Tool - Cable Crimping Ability
Crimp tools for use with 3M Scotchlok connectors
Parallel closing action with adjustable jaws
High mechanical advantage

Adobe 3M Crimping Tool - E9BM Scotchlok Connectors

Adobe 3M Crimping Tool - EP1 6-240sqmm Copper

Adobe 3M Crimping Tool - EP1 16-300sqmm Aluminium

Adobe 3M Crimping Tool - EP2 6-50sqmm Copper

Adobe 3M Crimping Tool - EP3 0.5-16sqmm Copper

Adobe 3M Scotchlok Copper Splicing Connectors - Overview

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3M Crimping Tools